Coilovers Vs. Standard Springs: What’s Best for Your VW Transporter?

Understanding Suspension Components: Coilovers and Standard Springs

The suspension system of your VW Transporter plays a critical role in ride comfort and handling. Coilovers and standard springs, both core components of the suspension system, have distinct attributes, which influence your vehicle’s performance in diverse ways. Understanding these distinctions will aid you in deciding what’s best for your VW Transporter.

What are Standard Springs?

A standard spring suspension system, often referred to as a fixed suspension system, employs a non-adjustable spring and shock absorber combination. These springs absorb road shocks and maintain the height of the vehicle above the wheels. VW Transporters come equipped with standard springs from the factory, designed for general comfort and adequate handling.

What are Coilovers?

Coilovers, short for coil spring over strut, are performance-oriented suspension components offering adjustability in ride height and often damping as well. This adaptability allows drivers to fine-tune their vehicle’s suspension to specific driving conditions or personal preferences.

Performance and Handling

Standard springs, being softer, absorb road bumps efficiently, which makes for a comfortable ride. However, these can lead to body roll during sharp turns or high-speed manoeuvres, impacting handling.

On the other hand, coilovers, with their stiffer springs and adjustable damping, offer superior handling and stability. They reduce body roll and provide tighter control, which can significantly improve driving performance, particularly in demanding driving situations.

Ride Height Adjustability

Standard springs are fixed, meaning you cannot adjust the vehicle’s ride height. This lack of adjustability might limit the vehicle’s versatility, especially if you frequently switch between city driving and off-roading with your VW Transporter.

In contrast, coilovers offer the ability to adjust ride height. This functionality can be particularly beneficial if your VW Transporter serves multiple roles, such as a city commuter during the week and an adventurous off-roader during the weekends.

Installation and Maintenance

Standard springs, given their simplicity, are easy to maintain and less expensive to replace. They offer longevity and durability for everyday use and require less frequent servicing.

Coilovers, while offering greater performance, are more complex systems. They require careful installation and more frequent servicing to maintain optimal performance.

Cost Considerations

Standard springs are less expensive than coilovers. However, coilovers, with their performance benefits and adjustability, may be considered a valuable investment, especially for driving enthusiasts who prioritise vehicle performance and versatility.


Whether you choose standard springs or coilovers for your VW Transporter depends on your driving needs, budget, and personal preference. If you value ride comfort and are content with the factory setup, standard springs will serve you well. However, if performance, handling precision, and adjustability are your priorities, investing in coilovers can transform your driving experience. Always remember that any modification should align with your driving habits and overall vehicle usage.

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